Your Eye Demand Daily Care

Published on April 8, 2018

Are you overlooking your eyes in your daily routine?

Your eyes go through so much. They spend hours staring at mobile devices and computer screens. They take a beating from the wind, dust, bacteria and your contact lenses. You probably don’t think twice
about them until there is a problem. Yet just an extra minute in your dally regimen could go a long way to keeping your eyes happy, healthy and clear. Your eyes are so important they demand it.

Introducing Cliradex* Light for gentle everyday eyelid hygiene

Cliradex* Light is a new, refreshing and gentle product in eyelid hygiene, specifically formulated for patients with ocular irritation, dry eyes, blepharitis, and meibomian gland dysfunction. Containing 4-Terpineol – the most important component of tea tree oil – Cliradex Light works by safely and effectively cleaning microorganisms and debris from eyelids.
– Proven efficacy against a wide range of bacteria (1,2,3)
– Gentle and safe for everyday use
– Lightweight formula specifically designed for sensitive area of the faces
– Cliradex* Light is the only eyelid cleanser with 4-Terpineol – the most important component of Tea-tree oil that keeps the eyelid clean and healthy

Why daily care?
Many eye conditions can be avoided with daily eye care

Many people suffer from inflamed, itchy or crusty eyelids. Ocular irritation can affect people of any age and gender. Inflammatory conditions of the eyelids are caused by bacterial infection and often associated with poor hygiene.

The most common symptoms are:
– Lid margin swelling
– Irritation
– Eyelid irritation
– Puffy eyes
– Eye dryness
– Discharge
– Burning sensation
– Itchiness
– Eyelid redness
– Watery eyes

Effectively cleaning the eyelids alleviates many of these symptoms. By using Cliradex* Light two or three times daily, patients have experienced relief within two weeks. Healthy eyes start with clean eyelids. Use Cliradex* Light daily because your eyes demand it.

How to use Cliradex* Light?

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* Trademark / Registered trademark of BioTissue, Inc.

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