Product Description Package
IsoPure 1.2.3
HKMDNo. 230061
EDOF Monofocal IOL with 1.2.3 preloaded injection system for easy 2.2mm injection Each
HKMDNo. 230060
EDOF Monofocal IOL Each
MicroPure 1.2.3®
HKMDNo. 160133
Glistening-free hydrophobic acrylic IOL
1.2.3 preloaded injection system for easy 2.2mm injection
HKMDNo. 140195
Trifocal IOL Each
HKMD No. 140196
Trifocal Toric IOL Each
HKMD No. 150185
Toric IOL Each
HKMD No. 180146
FineVision® HP (Hydrophobic and Physiological trifocal IOL) offers a perfect match between the proven and safe technologies patented by PhysIOL each

Product Description Package
Cliradex®-Light Advanced Foaming Cleanser with 4-Termineol Each

Product Description Package
 EyeGiene®  Insta-warmth Eyelid warmer Box



Product Description Package
Tranquileyes® XL with Instants XL Recommended For:                                              • Aqueous deficient dry eye
• Sjögren’s syndrome
• Recurrent corneal erosions
• Puffy eyelids
• Jet lag
Our patented Tranquileyes® eye hydrating therapy is doctor-recommended and scientifically proven to relieve moderate
dry eye dryness. Soothing 12 to 15 minute compresses sustain optimum humidity and temperature (between 102-110° F)
that industry studies have shown provide immediate and long-term relief from moderate eye dryness.*

Product Description Package
De3 & De
Omega Benefits®
For patients with dry or irritated eyes*
• Method patent (US9381183B2) for
improving the quality of meibum
• 12 week clinical trial showing significant
improvements in Tear Osmolarity, TBUT,
MMP-9, Omega Index, OSDI1
• 1680mg of EPA & 560 mg of DHA
in re-esterified triglyceride form
• Available as softgels or liquid
Bottle  180 & 90 Softgel capsule; 200mL liquids
numagula Omega-3 • For early macular support*
• 1440mg of DHA & 400mg of EPA in
the re-esterified triglyceride form
• With lutein & zeaxanthin
Bottle 90 Softgels
numagula Vitamin • For advanced macular support*
• Formulated based on AREDS2® formula with unique
enhancements recommended by retina specialists
• Contains added B-Complex vitamins for additional support
Bottle 90 Tablets
nūretin® • Specifically formulated for people concerned about blood sugar and eye health
• 1000mg of DHA & 200mg of EPA in the re-esterified triglyceride form
Box of 56 softgels


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