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EyeGiene®眼敷舒® System


eyeGiene® 眼敷舒® System (1 Eye Mask + 10pc warming units)

If you need to continue to use eyeGiene® 眼敷舒®, you can buy eyeGiene® 眼敷舒® Refills.
EyeGiene® 眼敷舒® is a natural solution for dry eye symptom.

The oily layer of the tear film prevents excessive evapoation. But dry eye patients usually have their oil clogged in the ducts of the meibomian gland and therefore, the quality of the tears are not good.

EyeGiene® 眼敷舒® loosen the clogged oil and improve dry eye naturally.

EyeGiene® 眼敷舒® can improve eyestrain and is also useful in computer vision syndrome.

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Tear Film

• The tear film of your eye has 3 parts – water, oil & mucous. The outer layer is the oil layer which floats on the water layer and keeps the surface of your eye moist, smooth.

Source of eye chart: NEI


• You blink and therefore, a new tear film is formed to protect the surface of your eye. If you blink very frequently, probably you may have dry eye.

Heat Theray For Eyes

• Blockage and dydfunction of the Meibomian oil glands in the eyelids is treated by using heat to warm up the oild glands and massage to encourage meibomain oil to be expresed normally.

• EyeGiene® 眼敷舒® is a natural solution for dry eye symptom.

• Convenient easy and rapid treatment Anytime and anywhere.

• Relieve eye fatigue After prolonged digital screen viewing.

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